About Us

Our History
From Humble Beginnings…

Before Bahamas Builders become the construction company of choice for discerning home builders and renovators, it was a humble, small business venture.

In 1956, Daniel Premock started a construction business in The Bahamas with just two employees. His no-nonsense philosophy was simple – work hard, deliver unforgettable service and always exceed the customer’s expectations.

. . .To Three Generations of Excellent Service.

Nearly 60 years later, Bahamas Builders has handed down this philosophy through the generations. The spirit of Daniel Premock lives on under the leadership of his son Daniel W. Premock and grandson Christian A. Premock.

Today, Bahamas Builders has 50 employees and is known throughout the country for high-end custom home renovations, sophisticated architectural design and its four hallmarks:



Bahamas Builders has been around for decades, and is one of the only companies of its age that can boast of still having employees who have been with the company from day one.


Bahamas Builders has always been an innovator. Our company adapted and pioneered the Bermuda roof design here in The Bahamas.


Solidly constructed buildings from Bahamas Builders’ early days can still be seen standing proudly around downtown Nassau today. The classic copper roof built in the 1960’s on the old Shirley Street library is a shining example of the durability of Bahamas Builders.


Others build houses, but Bahamas Builders expertly crafts your home with you in mind every step of the way.