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Melia Gym construction

Old Fort Bay Residence

Providence House

Baha Mar Villas

Old Fort Bay Renovations

MacDonald Home

Bahamar Art Gallery

Marley Spa

Delarocha Home

Miscellaneous Pics

Pool Construction

Our goal is to make home building and reconstruction a simple process for our customers. We take a team approach — you set the vision, and our experienced team works to seamlessly implement your dreams. Our recent projects include: 

“Windwhistle”, Lyford Cay
“Lightbourne House”, Lyford Cay
“Moonsgate” Properties, Lyford Cay
Block 34 lot # 21 (34.21)
Marley Resort & Spa (Design Build Contract)
Peterson House, Eastern Road
Brigadoon, Eastern Road
Compass Point Resort
#1 Arbor Island, Old Fort Bay
#5 Dunmore Island, Old Fort Bay
King & Co. Chambers, Sandyport
Blue Sage & Blue Skies, Lyford Cay
Block 34 Lot # 13 (34.13)
de la Rocha Residence, Lyford Cay
“Pool House”, Lyford Cay
Musha Cay Resort, Islands of Copperfield Bay (David Copperfield), Exuma
#2 Marina Lot, Old Fort Place
Damianos Sotheby’s Real Estate Company, Lyford Cay
Block 25 Lot #9 (25.9)
Lot #120 & Lot #37, Ocean Club Estates, Paradise Island
Coast Guard OBHAT Hangar, Great Inagua